Transition from House to Condominium
Robert was most accommodating and helped me choose my new home. The issues he assisted me through were as follows:
1) Moving into a Condo apartment or Condo Townhouse;
2) Understanding the importance of a Condo Cooperation, Management of Finances and the Reserve Fund;
3) Creating the opportunity to meet with selling home owners to discuss their pros and cons;
4) Working through the sales transaction;
5) Finalizing an Agreement of Purchase and Sale, provided certain conditions were met.

Robert had considerable knowledge in the house hunting world. He made time to educate me in what to look for and in each scenario he made time to answer my questions. One time, we sat in the lobby watching Condo residents walking in and out of their elevators to get a sense of the dwellers. We examined the decor in the foyer and spoke to Management to learn of past repairs and future budget plans. Most important was Robert’s advice to recognize the importance of each condominium cooperation before purchasing a unit to dwell in and meeting with their Administrative Staff.

Robert is a professional Realtor who accommodated me with my concerns. His support, objectivity, and insight enabled me to feel comfortable to work with him and choose the home I now like so much.

- Marlyne Abramson, Client

When making the decision to move from Scarborough to Thornhill, I consider myself very fortunate to have met and to have attain both Robert Buckler and Sam Settino as my real estate agents. Robert and Sam's outstanding professionalism and easy-going and charming demeanor had my attention and decision to work with them at first meet. I consider it with great opportunity and pleasure being able to delve into their real estate knowledge and expertise in our search for a new condominium home in Thornhill.

Robert and Sam always went above and beyond the call of duty in our search to find the perfect home for me and Alyssa (my 10 yr. old). They were thorough and consistent, ensuring our search for a new home was with ease. Robert and Sam worked together and kept the communication open with me at all times regarding new listings and giving their professional opinion and direction on location, pricing, answering questions that arose, and/or asking questions where warranted. This team builds a great rapport with their clients, by knowing what their client needs and wants and where they want to reside within a city/community.

Robert and Sam ensured our needs and wants were met with complete satisfaction. Sam always kept our search for a new home exciting and fun. Sam developed a great rapport with me and Alyssa, who was was always excited and interested in what plan of action was next on our house search itinerary. Sam was always resourceful and had a leading edge on what was available on the market. We now reside in the perfect place to call home and we couldn't have achieved this without the perseverance, patience, assistance and direction we received from Sam Settino and Robert Buckler.

- Christine Leipsig, Client, "Very Happy in Thornhill"